Sunday, March 16, 2014

Little brown critter...

My daughter was here for the weekend. We spent a few hours today doing something we dearly love, "junkin'." We like to go to antique stores and look for small treasures. Mixing bowls, kitchen gadgets, little what-nots that we just can't live without.

When we got home, and pulled into the driveway, my daughter asked, "What is that? I looked, and there was a little brown critter on the lawn under the apple trees. At first we thought it was a woodchuck, but then it came closer and it had a long, naked tail. To our surprise it ran right up to the house, towards the barking dogs, and then scooted under the deck.

A little while later we noticed it sitting right next to the deck. Ziva was very excited, quivering and pressing her nose as close to the wire that keeps the dogs in as possible. I got a very good look and decided it was a muskrat. I have no idea what it was doing here, they normally live near water,not under porch decks. I was fascinated, and kept peeking out at it.

This went on for several hours. Ziva watching the muskrat, me watching the muskrat, and it ignoring us completely. And then I saw it grab a piece of the lattice work that is under the front of the house, and rip it right off. I flung the gate open, intending to scare the thing away. Ziva saw her chance, and was out the gate and down the stairs before I could take my first step. With one swift move she grabbed the muskrat by the neck, and gave it a ferocious shake. And it was all over.

I felt a little sad for the muskrat, but glad it would not be chewing up my house. Ziva was pleased as punch with herself... strutting around proudly. It may be quiet here, but it is never dull.

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