Sunday, June 22, 2014


I have a long list of projects. Today I was able to cross a few off my list.
The vegetable garden is now completely planted, and mulched in. I will need to add more mulch, but at least we got one layer on there and that makes me feel good.

Next I moved a bunch of rocks from a garden that I am getting ready to demolish, and arranged them prettily around my new flower garden. There were many, many unhappy ants disturbed when I moved said rocks, and some of them were of the red and biting variety. Ouch. I deserved those bites.

I also met a very cute little snake...

This garden used to be my herb bed, which was great fun but not all that lovely to look at. It is adjacent to our main entrance, and I wanted prettiness. I think I have achieved it! I planted stuff I like, with no rhyme or reason or plan, and I am enjoying the end result. I moved the herbs to the vegetable garden. They seem happy there.

And speaking of happy... I am very happy that I have what I refer to as "turklets." Baby turkeys. Poults, to be exact. There are 6 of them. I have tried to raise them here in the past. They are far more engaging than chickens, with bright, curious natures. Friendly, charming creatures. Sadly there is some horrid turkey murdering stuff lurking in my soil. It causes a disease called "Black Head" in turkeys, but does not bother chickens at all. So I am raising these guys in a brooder cage until they are feathered out, when they will go to friend Marion's farm to (hopefully) grow up big and healthy and strong and delicious. Here they are, napping cozily under their heat lamp.

A whole day spent "puttering" around FairWinds is my most favorite way to spend a day. And if the sun is shining and the temperature a lovely 70 degrees? Well, that is the kind of day I can only wish for.

Saturday, June 21, 2014


My husband knows how to delight me. He surprised me with a very romantic gift. 100 bales of hay.

He arranged to buy them "in the field," which means we got a great price, but had to go get them ourselves.

After a long day at work, I rode happily (and illegally) in the back of the truck, grinning like a fool as we bumped over the field. Ziva rode with me, her first time loose in the bed of a pick up. Her tongue lolled, her tail wagged. She thought this was a fine new thing. We didn't go far, just across the street from our house, but it still felt a bit like an adventure.

The stubble of the new mown grass brushed against the soles of my boots as we rode. We'd get to a pile of bales, and stop the truck. Ziva and I would get out. She would nose around the meadow, smelling wonderful things I will never know about. Chris and I would put as many bales as we could into the bed of the truck.

Then we'd bump along back home, unload the fragrant bundles of feed and do it all over again. Chris and I find a certain joy in working together. We like to tackle a project and be side by side as we see it to completion.

Though today is summer solstice, we spent it getting ready for cold weather. The horse and goats now have much of the food they will eat during the cold weather stashed safely under cover. And that delights me.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Good news/bad news...

The good news is that our pasture is deep in grass and Chanel came home today. She looks great... fit, trim and beautiful as ever. It is wonderful to look out the window and see her there, muzzle deep in the lush green grass and eating to her hearts content.

The bad news is that Flirt, my sweet little companion, got lost today. Daughter Rachel and I were out for a bit, and when I got back, Flirt was no where to be found. Chris had been in and out, the garage doors open, and she must have slipped past him. I was certain she had been taken by a predator. She is small enough that a large bird of prey, a fox, fisher or coyote could certainly have turned her into food. She is always in the house or behind our sturdy fence, and has no street smarts or knowledge of how to survive without her human slaves waiting on her every need.

We hiked the woods, we hiked the fields, we drove all over the neighborhood. We talked to neighbors, we bribed kids on bikes to look for her. I cried a lot, and I am not a crier. Flirt is 4 years old, in perfect health, and my sweet little shadow. I love her more than I should, I admit it. I was pretty sure she was dead, hit by a car, eaten by a fox, never to be seen again.

Then the phone rang. The woman identified herself as my neighbor, (about a mile away, one I don't know, YET.) Her daughter had found Flirt earlier in the day and would bring her right home. I was so emotional I wasn't even coherent on the phone. I'll have to find out more about how they ended up with my girl(and then found me) later. Bless them for taking in a little lost dog and keeping her safe.

Flirt has been plastered to me ever since. I think I mis-titled this post. It should have been "good news, bad news, great news!"

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dessert by fire...

Last night we had some friends over and after supper we had what I have dubbed, a "S'more gas bord!"

There was more than your regulation graham crackers, Hershey bars and marshmallows...(though they made a delicious appearance!) there were shortbread cookies and Almond Joy bars and Ritz crackers and other little chocolates with gooey caramel centers and more. Marshmallows were carefully and lovingly toasted over the open flames them smooshed happily between more yum with the sweet melted chocolate.

They tasted like summer and sticky joy on our tongues.

During the many cold Maine days, a fire in the wood stove keeps us comfortable with its soul-satisfying warmth. During warm weather, dancing flames in the fire ring smudge the bugs away, perfumes the air with its unmistakeable fragrance, and is a brilliant sign of celebration. Also a dandy place to create the signature dessert that embodies the sticky joys of summer.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Germs and babies and visitors...

Chris and I both had rather nasty chest colds this week. His worse than mine, but neither of us were too perky. We slogged through and were buoyed up by all the babies around here.

The kids are a week old now... and bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, fun, Fun, FUN! They love to play king of the mountain on the manure pile, and run and leap and twist and spin. They offer hours of enjoyable viewing.

I realize I have been remiss, and have not blogged about Boone.

In April Flirt gave birth to one big boy puppy. I dubbed him Boone.

Flirt is a dutiful mama and Boone is thriving. He is round and fluffy and sweet, a chill guy who plays adorably then sleeps hard. We are all smitten by him.

Fabulous niece Aimee and her precious husband, Tim, came to visit for the weekend. They petted chickens and hugged goats and ...

didn't let Boone's tiny paws touch the floor.

We wrapped up a low key week with an appreciation of over the counter medicine, soft tissues and the joy of small animals and wonderful guests. Next week we'll have more energy. There will be projects tackled and things accomplished. And we'll still make time to enjoy all the new life in this place.