Sunday, June 15, 2014

Good news/bad news...

The good news is that our pasture is deep in grass and Chanel came home today. She looks great... fit, trim and beautiful as ever. It is wonderful to look out the window and see her there, muzzle deep in the lush green grass and eating to her hearts content.

The bad news is that Flirt, my sweet little companion, got lost today. Daughter Rachel and I were out for a bit, and when I got back, Flirt was no where to be found. Chris had been in and out, the garage doors open, and she must have slipped past him. I was certain she had been taken by a predator. She is small enough that a large bird of prey, a fox, fisher or coyote could certainly have turned her into food. She is always in the house or behind our sturdy fence, and has no street smarts or knowledge of how to survive without her human slaves waiting on her every need.

We hiked the woods, we hiked the fields, we drove all over the neighborhood. We talked to neighbors, we bribed kids on bikes to look for her. I cried a lot, and I am not a crier. Flirt is 4 years old, in perfect health, and my sweet little shadow. I love her more than I should, I admit it. I was pretty sure she was dead, hit by a car, eaten by a fox, never to be seen again.

Then the phone rang. The woman identified herself as my neighbor, (about a mile away, one I don't know, YET.) Her daughter had found Flirt earlier in the day and would bring her right home. I was so emotional I wasn't even coherent on the phone. I'll have to find out more about how they ended up with my girl(and then found me) later. Bless them for taking in a little lost dog and keeping her safe.

Flirt has been plastered to me ever since. I think I mis-titled this post. It should have been "good news, bad news, great news!"


solarity said...

Oh, I'm so relieved she was found safe!

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Rain said...

So glad happy ending!!

Nancy Kane said...

Yeah, I was almost in tears until the ending, damn you