Sunday, June 22, 2014


I have a long list of projects. Today I was able to cross a few off my list.
The vegetable garden is now completely planted, and mulched in. I will need to add more mulch, but at least we got one layer on there and that makes me feel good.

Next I moved a bunch of rocks from a garden that I am getting ready to demolish, and arranged them prettily around my new flower garden. There were many, many unhappy ants disturbed when I moved said rocks, and some of them were of the red and biting variety. Ouch. I deserved those bites.

I also met a very cute little snake...

This garden used to be my herb bed, which was great fun but not all that lovely to look at. It is adjacent to our main entrance, and I wanted prettiness. I think I have achieved it! I planted stuff I like, with no rhyme or reason or plan, and I am enjoying the end result. I moved the herbs to the vegetable garden. They seem happy there.

And speaking of happy... I am very happy that I have what I refer to as "turklets." Baby turkeys. Poults, to be exact. There are 6 of them. I have tried to raise them here in the past. They are far more engaging than chickens, with bright, curious natures. Friendly, charming creatures. Sadly there is some horrid turkey murdering stuff lurking in my soil. It causes a disease called "Black Head" in turkeys, but does not bother chickens at all. So I am raising these guys in a brooder cage until they are feathered out, when they will go to friend Marion's farm to (hopefully) grow up big and healthy and strong and delicious. Here they are, napping cozily under their heat lamp.

A whole day spent "puttering" around FairWinds is my most favorite way to spend a day. And if the sun is shining and the temperature a lovely 70 degrees? Well, that is the kind of day I can only wish for.

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