Sunday, June 1, 2014

Germs and babies and visitors...

Chris and I both had rather nasty chest colds this week. His worse than mine, but neither of us were too perky. We slogged through and were buoyed up by all the babies around here.

The kids are a week old now... and bouncy, bouncy, bouncy, fun, Fun, FUN! They love to play king of the mountain on the manure pile, and run and leap and twist and spin. They offer hours of enjoyable viewing.

I realize I have been remiss, and have not blogged about Boone.

In April Flirt gave birth to one big boy puppy. I dubbed him Boone.

Flirt is a dutiful mama and Boone is thriving. He is round and fluffy and sweet, a chill guy who plays adorably then sleeps hard. We are all smitten by him.

Fabulous niece Aimee and her precious husband, Tim, came to visit for the weekend. They petted chickens and hugged goats and ...

didn't let Boone's tiny paws touch the floor.

We wrapped up a low key week with an appreciation of over the counter medicine, soft tissues and the joy of small animals and wonderful guests. Next week we'll have more energy. There will be projects tackled and things accomplished. And we'll still make time to enjoy all the new life in this place.

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