Monday, May 8, 2017

A happy project...

I bought a sweet little greenhouse a few years ago, second hand.  I have under-utilized it, which makes me feel bad. Part of the problem is that the door is broken, and we are not sure how to fix it.
Today, even though it is rainy and grey outside, I decided to tidy things up in there.  It was stacked with cast-off flower pots, and some logs had made their way in there, don't ask me how.  A few old bags of mulch were stacked in the corner, and some unloved and very dead plants stood forlornly on the benches. It was a hot mess.

 I had originally thought to put a load of gravel in the little house for flooring, but that would be a.) a lot of work and b.) trouble if we wanted to move the greenhouse somewhere else later.  All that gravel would be impossible to remove from the lawn.  Sometimes in the wee hours good ideas come to me. One came to me this morning around 2:00 AM and I acted on it once I was up and running.

I cleaned out the dead plants. I wiped down the benches.  I got rid of broken or ugly pots, and neatly stacked the nice ones I'd like to re-use.  Then I got a hoe out and removed the straggly weeds and old, dead grass that was underfoot.

The little space sighed in relief.  Next I opened up those bags of mulch and spread them around.  If we ever move the house the mulch will compost into the grass, no problem!

Next I brought a bunch of sun hardy houseplants out.

I may still plant some seeds in pots and get them going, though I'm a little late, it will still be fun.

While I was out in the misty rain I planted a new rose bush I'd bought, and a grape vine, too.  It felt good to be out mucking around in the dirt. And now when I glance at my green house I smile instead of grimace.  A project well done.

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