Friday, May 21, 2010

Everyone is an artist...


I recently went to someones house to look at lambs to buy. When I drove up what I first saw was a very old Maine farmhouse, completely overgrown with shrubbery. The place was in a state of disrepair. I got out of my truck and began looking for a door, as I walked around the side I saw gardens bursting with a wild mix of flowers and weeds. The dirt path led to an adorable wooden archway with a sweet gate, and this hanging basket of jewel-tone pansies. Beyond that the yard opened up and I saw pretty, healthy, well cared for animals...dogs, chickens, sheep, a horse, guinea hens and geese.

The ancient barn needed a roof and paint and more, but inside was clean and smelled of sweet hay. And everywhere were little spots of beauty... a patch of scarlet tulips blooming at the edge of the woods, a pot of bright spring flowers on an old picnic table, a grape arbor with bird feeders and a whole flock of birds (and one sly red squirrel) filling the air with song and movement. And it reminded me that we are all artists, creating beauty where we can in our lives.
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