Thursday, May 13, 2010

View with a room...

While some people dread the morning commute to work, mine is a treat. I pass by rolling meadows, sparkling lakes, soaring mountains and placid ponds. One favorite view is of an odd little one-room shack that hunkers down on the banks of one of the ponds.

The red walls of this building stand out brightly in every sort of weather- sun, rain, snow and mist. It is a curious little place that sends my imagination tripping. I wonder who built it here... did they have happy picnics at this spot, or was this merely storage for a farmers tools? Someday I'll dip my kayak into the bank of the pond near the road and paddle over to the shack for a closer look. I think I'll pack a picnic.


Jeannine said...

how wonderful ! I love a good mystery ! & of course, your writing & photos. I've been out of things for so long...more in coping mechanism cycle than getting out & doing. Rebuilding my prayer life, etc is improving things from the ground up. I AM trying to post once again. Hopefully soon I will be back in full swing in that mindset

thenewdotteddog said...

I came here today, with my new ID, to check out your BLOG,and see what is new. I've been laying around nearly three days since my arm surgery and felt the need of a peaceful pick-me-up. You never disappoint me. Your blog is refuge from the storm. I love your style of writing and your pictures, but most of all the peace and tranquility I find here. Thank you!