Monday, September 30, 2013


It is hard for me to leave this place, because there is just so much here that brings me joy.

I decorate with the harvest, and then cook from the decorations!

Fall mornings are crisp and dewy. There are spider webs everywhere, and milkweed pods are sending forth their feathery seeds. Sometimes the two meet.

The doelings are big... I am guessing they weigh 60-70 pounds now. They are very friendly and want to snuggle. After morning chores Ziva and I walk around the pasture. The goats and horse walk with us.

With puppy energy, there is a lot of bouncing...

The ducks often waddle along with us, too. The male has a whimsical little curly tail feather.

Sweet Luna goat got very thin and scruffy looking after giving birth. She is finally gaining weight and her coat is pretty again. She is giving us a GALLON of milk a day... that is a LOT of milk. I love this girl, and am so glad she is mine.

She seems to enjoy life... here she is greeting the rising sun.
I love to spend time with the flora and fauna here at Fair Winds. They make my spirit sing.

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Rain said...

Wonderful post Daryl- love the colors of autumn in Maine ! These couple wks in Fla make me appreciate my humble home in the woods of Maine even more- if possible!!