Thursday, January 12, 2017

And then..

Today one of my regular customers settled in for a chat while I groomed her Chinese Crested dog.
She was clearly enjoying the birds at the feeder, and kept up a running commentary as different varieties appeared.  "Oh, look at that chickadee.  So many doves!  Here's a nuthatch."  I enjoyed seeing her enthusiasm.  "What is that bird?" Busy with my work, I didn't look up.  "It's an eagle," she said in the same breath.

That got my attention.  Sure enough, a mature bald eagle flew from over our house, angling sharply downwards. We had an excellent image of it's broad, white tail feathers and wide, wide wings.  Down it came. I'd never seen one quite so close, and held my breath as it swooped towards the ground, just across the road from our house.  It extended it's legs and in a heartbeat snatched up a dove from the ground.  Then up, and up and off to the edge of the field where it perched in a pine tree.  Instantly, 3 crows appeared and landed on a branch below the eagle. I assume they were hoping to catch any dove crumbs that might be dropped.
I went outside, transfixed.  The eagle called, it's voice clear and high in the still winter air.
And then...

In flew an immature eagle, and landed in a tree nearby.

The adult called again. The wild sound sent tingles down my spine.

And then...
A second immature eagle swooped in.
I was one dove poorer, but three majestic bald eagles richer. Just outside my window.

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