Wednesday, April 7, 2010


In winter my horse grows a thick, fuzzy coat. She looks like a bear, but weathers cold winds, snow, ice and rain in apparent comfort. In the spring that hair falls out by the fist full, leaving a short, sleek, gleaming coat behind. January may be the official "New Year," but spring is when life is renewed. Fat buds dot the trees and bushes, brooks swell with snow melt and spring rainfall, birds fill the air from dawn till dark with mating calls. And there are daffodils and crocus springing up around homes and randomly in the woods and fields, where homes probably once were... unremembered but marked by the glow of lingering flowers. I like to think of long-gone hands plopping papery bulbs into cold fall soil. The flowers remain- bright reminders that life renews. I feel the surge of awakening in my veins.

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