Friday, April 30, 2010

A story...

Tiger Lilly was daughter Rachel's 9Th birthday gift. She is the worst dog we have ever had. Yet, we love her. A small Boxer, she is a compact package of badness wrapped in infatuating stripes.

Over the last 12 years she has gotten into countless trash cans, opened gates, opened door knobs (!) surfed counters, broken TWO cast iron skillets and once opened the OVEN to get to a pan full of pork ribs. And then ate them all.

Lately she has been subdued. In obvious pain. A $500.+ Veterinary visit found that she has severe arthritis in her spine. Due to the wonders of modern medicine, she is now pain free with a $30. per month prescription of medicine. She is currently sleeping well, leaping about, barking at every snapping twig or falling leaf, and full of her trademark badness.

One day this week I came home from work and noticed that the cozy quilt that lives on our sofa was covered in something BRIGHT yellow. I assumed it was bile from a dogs upset tummy, and picked the quilt up to wash it. When I lifted it, 4 egg shells fell from its folds.

I put the following story together from the evidence I found:
Lilly was snoozing on the sofa. Then she woke up and thought; "Hmmm. I am feeling a mite peckish!" So, she hopped off the sofa and investigated the house for potential snacks. The dog cookies were stowed out of reach on top of the refrigerator. The trash can was behind the locked cellar door. No food was left in reach of her nimble paws on the counter tops.

Using her larger than average brain, Lilly then exited the pet door and traveled along the deck, down the stairs and across the yard. She pushed up the gate to the hen yard, navigated past the hens and the rooster who is nearly as tall as she is. Then she went up the hen ramp and through the small door. Up on a hay bale, then up on a shavings bale, she reached the chickens favorite nest. And there were eggs.

Ever so gently Lilly lifted an egg and cradled it in her thick lips. Down off the shavings bale, down off the hay bale, across the coop and out the small door and down the ramp she went. Across the yard, up the steps, along the deck and through the pet door she went. Then through the front room and into the living room. One graceful hop landed her on the cozy quilt. Once comfortable, she laid the egg down and commenced to eat it, licking the shell clean. It was delicious! She thought she'd like another, so repeated the entire mission 3 more times.

Although I am NOT happy about her stealing eggs, I do chuckle to think of the effort she took to help herself to a fresh and nutritious snack. She is definitely feeling better!

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