Thursday, January 24, 2013


The thermometer registered -5 this morning when I went out to do chores. By noon it was MUCH warmer! So warm I went out without gloves, which was just stupid. 15 is still cold.
The wind is gusting from the west. Chanel turns her broad backside to the wind while she chows down on hay. The weather does not seem to bother her, but the icy footing in the pasture has her walking with great care.
The goats pretty much refuse to leave the shelter of the shed. I have added lots and LOTS of bedding, bales of straw and shavings to insulate them from the cold ground and give them something to snuggle down in. And they are sporting their new coats, which do seem to help some. Poor goats, I'd love to bring them in and tuck them in by the wood stove!
The bunnies coat is very thick. She voluntarily stays outside at night, but meets me at the chicken coop in the morning. There she drinks deeply of the warm water I bring, nibbles on carrots and salad greens and seeds and hangs out in the shelter of the snug coop with the birds. Later she goes from sunny spot to sunny spot in the yard and sits very still, curled into a tight ball and fluffed up. She looks very cute that way, and manages this weather fine. As for me, I wear double gloves (tight leather ones topped by warm, lined knit gloves.) I pull a fleece headband over my ears, then cram my warmest hat on top of that. My boots are insulated and my jacket is thick and warm. But I still can't stay outside for long, making many short trips a day to enjoy the critters and huddling close to the stove when I am inside.

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