Friday, August 2, 2013


A kind and generous friend shared some of the bounty of her garden with me. Lilly's, a few shrubs and more. I piled them in my rescued wheel barrow until they could be planted. They were wilted and sad looking.

Of course I gave them a drink from the hose, but they did not seem encouraged.
Then last night it rained. A lot. And it rained more today. When I came home I noticed that those poor, uprooted plants had bravely bloomed. Lovely, large, bright blossoms. Despite being dug up from where they were comfortable and secure, despite being left in a rusted barrow, a little rain gave them hope and they not only perked up but produced beautiful flowers.

This made me think... wouldn't it be nice if people could respond like that? Facing huge adversity, imagine if we seized on some slight hope and sent forth beauty.

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