Monday, August 12, 2013

Maine Summer Weekend...

Sister Deb came to visit, so there was fun and frivolity. And lobster ($6. for a 1.5 lb. lobster.) And clams steamed in shallots, bacon, wine, parsley and cream. Oh my!

There was sunshine and perfect weather and scenery that makes one say "wow."

Bonus! There was an antique fair in the next town. We didn't see nearly all of it, but we both brought some of it home!

We shopped and I found "the" outfit to wear to my nieces upcoming wedding, right down to the shoes. I found a gift for the happy couple, too, one that I think will be memorable.

After my sister headed south I ran a few errands and then took the Ziva puppy to my friends house so she could play with their dogs and romp in the woods and river. She had a blast!

It was an excellent summer weekend.

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