Monday, October 14, 2013

Fire wood...

In a previous blog I showed two huge piles of wood in our driveway.
I helped move some of it, but most of the work was done by this guy...

Chris braved the spidery basement, hauled and dumped and stacked all that wood. There is a bit more to do, but most of the winters fire wood supply is at the ready. It is a good feeling to know that no matter how the cold winds blow we will be cozy in our sweet home.

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solarity said...

I envy you your stored wood. I must drive around the county this Wednesday when I go out home to the bank and the grocery and try to spot Firewood for Sale signs. So far I've only seen one, placed so that I'd have to pull off the road to read the number, and I was in too much of a hurry last week.
Also, I must think out where to store what won't fit on the side porch.

Mary Anne in Kentucky