Monday, October 28, 2013

October joys...

Sweet daughter Rachel came home for the weekend. It is always fun to have her here. She had friends in and out and here for supper both nights. On Saturday Chris cooked a feast of marinated, grilled shrimp, along with black beans and rice. After supper I was outside taking care of the animals and it made my heart sing to see the warm lights from the house spilling out on the frosty grass. Happier still was hearing the laughter of the people who lingered around the table. Soul music.

Rachel and our friend Megan bought pumpkins on Sunday, and we watched a movie while we carved them up.

Rachel wore her glow in the dark skeleton earrings to add to the atmosphere...

I am not very artistic in the pumpkin carving arena. I looked on line and saw some beautiful designs,well above my skill level. So I looked for "carving pumpkins for kids" and found this cute cat design.

Poppy the pug has been watching us carve pumpkins for 14 years. She thinks its a yawn, but appreciates the warm laps that are available.

Rachel's owl jack 'o lantern is so cute! And Megan's winking face is fun!

Our efforts will adorn the deck this week, flickering happily into the dark nights of autumn.

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Rain said...

Love your pumpkins and all the smiling faces- especially yours!!
Rain :)