Sunday, December 15, 2013

December storm...

Oh in the Memphis years I yearned for a storm like this. Soft, deep snow, blanketing the land. The world outside my windows is all shades of grey and white...

The bird feeder is wildly popular; chickadees, junco's, nuthatches and more whir through the air and help themselves to the sunflower seed smorgasbord.

I was out the door at 6AM, as usual. To my sorrow the snow was deeper than my sturdy boots are tall, but I soldered through and got good and cold for my efforts. I was delighted to see that Luna goat was quite cozy in the new goat room, wearing her coat and chewing her cud. The cold bothers her terribly, but despite the 10 degrees registering on the deck thermometer, she was not shivering in the silver dawn.

Everyone got some grain, the hay feeders are stuffed full, and I hauled a bucket full of hot water laced with molasses out to them. Two out of three goats sucked it down happily, and the pony took her share then gave me some grateful nuzzles. It's important that the livestock drink enough, and the goats, especially, don't like to go out in the snow even to sip from their heated bucket.

There was more trouble with ducks (see previous post.) When I got home last night I found they'd escaped the calf hutch and were huddled miserably in the cold and dark under the coop. We managed to prod them into the small duck house, where I knew they'd be safe for the night, but not without some effort. This morning I opened the door there, put in a heated water bowl and a bowl of food. The poor brainless things then floundered off into the snow, looking very unhappy. I was cold and frustrated and left them to their silliness. Once chores were done I decided since it was Sunday and I had no plans for the day, I would treat myself to decadence. I crawled back into my warm bed and spent a few hours there feeling very cozy.

I got up just in time to enjoy pancakes and bacon that Chris had prepared. Delicious! I told him of the duck problem and he strapped on boots and headed out into the storm.

He found the ducks huddled in the calf hutch. A good thing! Sadly for them,however, there was no food or water there. Chris solved that problem, so now I am cozy in the house knowing all the critters are cared for.

And in the house is where I want to be. The snow is still coming down, making a thin, crystalline pattering sound on the windows and mounding high on everything.

The dogs have the right idea. I think a day spent wrapping gifts here in front of the fire is a fine plan.

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