Monday, December 9, 2013

Decking the "halls..."

I had a funny Jewish friend when I lived in Memphis. Every year around this time she would look around my home and wryly say, "It looks like Christmas came and just thew up all over your house." I think of her every year when I "deck the halls."

Daughter Rachel wanted to help select and put up the tree, so we did that while she was home over Thanksgiving weekend. She voted to do a "theme" tree this year, and we went with white lights, crystal and prism drops, white snow flakes and little white ice cycle ornaments. It is quite simple and lovely. Chris says it needs more color.

Our illuminated star tree topper refused to work this year, so we put a little fabric angel on the top, then I found this wonderful thing on sale cheap and snapped it right up.

When Rachel was in grade school one of her teachers made these wonderful elves. They were expensive, but I scraped up the money to get one and he is a favorite of mine. I hate to pack him away each year, but am delighted every December when I get to find him a spot to perch through the holidays.

It seems I have acquired a bit of a Santa collection. This year I put them all on my sweet baking cabinet, and they will supervise cookie baking.

One of the things that I love best about decorating for Christmas is the memories that come tumbling out of the bins and boxes as I unwrap each treasure. When we moved to Memphis, the very first friend I made was a woman named Kathy who lived one street over. She made me this wonderful ceramic nativity set and precious singing angels one year. I treasure the memory of that first sweet friend, and the times we had together as much as I cherish this lovely set. (And check out that sleeping baby angel. So dear!)

And then there are these... Rachel made them in high school for a history class or something. It was originally a mobile, but I took that apart and turned these lovely figures into Christmas decorations. I love that she put little roses around Jesus' manger, and the colors she chose are wonderful.

There is so much magic this time of year. The house is filled with memories of all the Christmas' past and the people that made each one special. I play my favorite music,evoking even more happy thoughts of the past. There are the efforts made to be a little kinder, more caring, more thoughtful of those around us. And then there are the comforts of the fire in the wood stove and delicious winter foods and long,warm cozy nights here in the place that I love the best. I believe!

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