Monday, July 14, 2014

Farm smiles...

I am suddenly awash in ducks. I took in three from someone who had them and didn't want them, then 5 more from someone who was retiring some ducks used their whole lives to teach dogs to herd. None of these ducks had ever had much in the way of freedom. Now they have over an acre of fenced meadow to wander in, as well as the good-sized poultry yard. All day long they potter about, drilling their beaks into the dirt, nibbling on the seed tops of the grasses, hunting for bugs, and dabbling in their wading pool and all the water bowls I leave about the place. They just look so HAPPY. At dusk they can hardly wait to be ushered into their safe hutch, exhausted from a day of delightful duck activity.

Then there are the Silkie's. Above is "Feather," the one I took in after the rest of her flock was killed. I like her so much I almost-by-accident got three more. I dubbed them, "The Sillies." The white one is a rooster. I've had bad luck with roosters, but I suspect the tide has turned with the addition of this little dude. How scary can a chicken wearing big, white, feathered pantaloons be? I carry him around sometimes. He doesn't seem to mind. These birds are pretty useless, unless you count making me smile as being useful. And I do.

The bucklings are getting big. Soon they will move to friend Marion's farm, where they will prune shrubbery for her. Meanwhile they keep us entertained with their antics, leaping, frolicking and picking mock head butting fights with the big goats.

Chris kindly fastened the head of a push broom to the side of the shed entrance. The goats are itchy and they love to rub their heads and faces and sides on the stiff bristles of the broom head.

I've planted a lot of flowers this year, including some roses. This climbing rose has the loveliest blooms... fragrant and soft.

There is a lot to smile about here in the summer. Chris and Chanel agree.

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