Sunday, July 27, 2014

New spaces...

In one week I will leave my job at Yankee Clipper, where I have been happily employed for 11 years.
Those years encompass growth, amazing friendships, and more laughs than I could ever count. But soon I will stay home to do my work, in this space I have dreamed up and created.

That is the "long view." I invite the humans on the end of the leash to "sit, stay!" while I work. There is a Keurig coffee maker, a dish of home baked goodies and some books and magazines to help them while away the time.

So far I have groomed about 20 pets here in this space. It is tranquil. Lovely, peaceful music plays. For the most part I groom one pet or one family of pets at a time. I am still working out the details, but the work in progress? It works. The animals are (mostly) quite serene and calm.

Change is hard, but it brings growth. I am excited about this new venture, and challenges. It is fun to watch my new future unfold.


solarity said...

The light is certainly fantastic. It would drive me crazy to try to keep hair off all of that room, but it's beautiful. Where on earth did you get the white tub?

Mary Anne in Kentucky

Rain said...

Daryl best wishes on your exciting new adventure! --Rain