Monday, July 21, 2014

Good morning...

If I had to choose a favorite time of day, it would be morning. (Though cozy, quiet evenings have a charm all their own.) But when I open my eyes and see the light slanting in the window, and hear the sounds of the world waking up, I can't help but feel full of energy and excitement for what might unfold as I rise.

We have had a very large deer visiting in the meadow. One morning last week I glanced out in the pasture to find that he and the horse were grazing quite near one another. They had moved apart a good bit before I could grab my camera and try to capture the image, but this is what I wonder; do they enjoy each others company? Do they communicate to one another? I appreciate the loveliness of them there, heads down to graze, side by side in the morning mist.

I love how dewy and fresh the gardens and yard looks in the morning. The flower bed I revamped this summer is quite satisfying, offering a pretty spot to look and lots of blossoms for picking.

And then there is breakfast... what's not to love about that? Today's delightful start was a bowl of peaches with cream. So good I nearly swooned.

After milking Luna goat, I put all the adult goats in the hen yard, along with the horse. There they helped earn their keep by grazing the grass and pruning the weeds that poke in along the fence line. Then I gathered up the bucklings and put them in a crate in the back of my truck. They are headed to Marion's farm today, a week or so earlier than I had planned. Their little horns have grown and yesterday they got their heads stuck in the wire fence several times. I was home all day, and able to rescue them, but if they were to get stuck while I am away at work, well, that would be a terrible thing. Marion has bigger pastures with more browse,(branches and shrubs, goats preferred food) and hot wire to (hopefully) keep the lads out of trouble. They have settled down nicely to await transport but their mama is calling for them piteously from the pasture.

Next I swept out the pony shed, and shoveled out the goat shed, filled all the water buckets and bowls and pans, collected eggs, and weeded a bit. And next I am off to visit with family for a real, live DAY OFF at the beach. I knew when I opened my eyes it was going to be a good morning!

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