Friday, August 8, 2014


I moved the goat milking stand out of the garage when I had visitors that wanted to try their hand at removing milk from a goat. The weather has been fine so I have left it outside, and it is most pleasant. The goats (normally one at a time) stand
and eat their grain. I can see birds dart by, watch the chickens scratch in the dirt, smile as the ducks splash in their pool, and sometimes see a silent deer graze in the meadow. Sometimes, though, the goat that isn't being milked gets greedy, forces her way out of the gate and joins her herd mate at the feed bucket. It's just naughty! But kind of cute, too.

Also naughty, but decidedly NOT cute is this; Ziva has been very aggressive with Poppy. Poppy is 14 years old, riddled with arthritis, has breathing problems, and is the most gentle creature ever born. We cannot have Ziva hurting her. So, when she is in the house she now has to wear the muzzle of shame. She actually does not seem to mind it, and it is certainly solving the problem, but it makes me feel sad when my critters do not get along.

Naughtiness. Sometimes appealing, sometimes appalling.

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solarity said...

Ziva's being a teenager, that's all.

Mary Anne