Saturday, August 16, 2014

Worth a thousand words....

I was not excited about the assignment for today's blog challenge... which was to write about my favorite television show or movie.
So I decided to share some images I found on my photo card.

My husband and daughter went on a boat trip a few weeks back, and my daughter borrowed my camera. It is always a treat to find photos I didn't take when I pop that card into the computer. It feels like a gift... a glimpse of the world through another persons eyes.

Then there were some shots I took here at FairWinds...

Chanel, hens and goats all enjoying a lovely summer day, the beautiful hydrangea bush I was given, and the incredible garden globe that was also a gift, nestled by the new rose bush I planted this spring. That is the happiest, blooming-ist rose bush!

And to close, some colorful photos from the Union Fair, which we visited today.

Little need for words, I think. The images of the loveliness here speaks a language all it's own.

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Anonymous said...

Good call! Thanks for sharing your photos.