Sunday, September 14, 2014

Glass house...

A few years ago I stopped into one of my favorite antique stores and there, out in front, was the cutest little green house. It was 6x8, and just perfect for someone like me. I asked where they got it, and they told me, but said that store no longer carried them. I was sad, and suffered from tiny green house envy.

This summer the people who owned the green house told my daughter that they were moving, and I arranged to buy the wee thing.

Today our friend Scott called and said it would be a good time for him to help us by hauling the thing here for us. And he did just that.

Chris dropped his plans and jumped on board to go get the thing and bring it home to me.

I currently have it tucked up under the apple trees in the side yard, but that may not be the best place. The nice thing is that I can see it from the kitchen, and I can imagine pottering about out there, growing salad greens and starting garden plants early. I can almost smell the scent of sun warmed dirt and growing things. I'm going to have some fun with this new "toy!"

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solarity said...

It looks delightful!

Mary Anne in Kentucky