Saturday, September 13, 2014


We have the nicest neighbors. I can't see a single house from our home, but they are there, and I am grateful.

Our closest neighbor is a marvelous cook, and drops by from time to time to bring me a goodie. This week she gifted me with a Whoopie Pie as big as my head. Dense, flavorful cake-like yummyness with light, fluffy vanilla cream in the middle. Oh my.

Then there is John. He came down a few weeks ago to check out the renovations to the porch and the new studio. He noticed that the front door was sticky, and one had to yank it hard to get it open. He never said a word but showed up Friday with a saw and a smile and took my door right off the hinges. It didn't take him long, but he sawed off the sticky spots, then rehung the door and it now magically works.

We are so lucky.

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