Sunday, October 12, 2014

Autumn drive...

My husband and I so enjoy a Sunday drive. We don't take them every week, but when we do, they are a treat. Today dawned cold and frosty, but the sun soon warmed the air and we embarked, sunroof open and holding hands.

First we dropped off a pan of macaroni and cheese to a friend that just had surgery. Then we meandered down Route 1, enjoying the scenery, until we found one of our favorite places to eat, the Slipway in Thomaston, ME. They make fried sea food an art form. Turns out it was the last day they'd be open for the season. We continued to ramble along, and drove through Damriscotta, an adorable little village, which was hosting a pumpkin festival. There were people and pumpkins everywhere, and a festival atmosphere.

That happened to be near my favorite local ice cream joint... Roundtop, where they make peppermint stick ice cream that dances on your tongue. So we stopped in for a scoop. The sign said they close for the season on Tuesday. More good luck for us!

A bit further down the road we saw that a big flea market we have not visited in ages was up and running.

I was tempted to buy this very cool coal shovel, but resisted. I mean, really, what would one do with a funky shovel? It is the last flea market of the season. And we didn't miss it.

And the road continued, with more beautiful sights.

Then home for a nap and chores and a wonderful supper. A soul-satisfying Sunday.

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