Saturday, October 11, 2014

October happiness...

I am so pleased with how our little house is looking. We have tidied things up quite a bit... but of course there is always more to do. Still and all, every time I drive up the road and see this place sitting steadfast on the corner, it makes me smile. There are so many things that turn the corners of my lips up.

For example, Earl Gray, the FairWinds Grooming Studio mascot. He has donned a sporty Halloween bandana. When hunting season comes he plans to switch to camouflage or blaze orange. He's all about fashion.

Every day, when I go out to my little studio to welcome dogs and cats here for grooming, I am awash in happiness. This space... with its light and views,flowers and favorite things, with soft piano music playing and the ducks and chickens and goats and pony right outside the glass... this space where animals are calm and quiet, and new friends come in the door... where people help themselves to coffee or tea and a fresh baked goodie and settle in on a wicker chair and sigh and rock and say, "Oh this is nice. This is so peaceful." I am in love with it. Every bit of it. And I am so very, very happy being right here, right now. I am trying to remember to allow myself to feel the happiness and treasure every moment of it.

Tomorrow we plan a 'leaf peeping' drive. And maybe a lobster roll or a cup of good chowder somewhere. There will be pictures, I promise!

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