Sunday, February 1, 2015

Clams and good company...

One of my customers gifted me with 25 pounds of fresh Maine clams on Saturday. The timing was perfect, because niece Aimee was on her way for a visit, and she is a steamed clam lovin' kind of woman!

Chris did a magnificent job cooking them... the recipe involved white wine and garlic, onion, butter and fresh parsley. He is such a good cook. We ate until we were full, and there were still some left over. So tonight we made clam chowder- it came out especially well. I bought fresh Jersey cow milk at the nearby farm stand to make the chowder. Delicious!

While Aimee was here I groomed her little dog, Lucy, and then she, Rachel and I made a big batch of soap. It is almond scented and Aimee and Rachel decided to use oatmeal and brown sugar as exfoliates in the soap. The bars look very pretty. Now we wait to see if they harden up and cure properly.

I am honored that Aimee chose to come and visit with us. She had lots of fun family news to share, and I hung on her every word. Time spent laughing around the table and creating wonderful home made soap in my sun drenched kitchen was a slice of joy that will mellow to magnificent memories. It was warm and friendly inside, and snowy and bright outside. With punctuations of color.

It was a lovely weekend!

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