Friday, February 6, 2015

Difficult beauty...

From the front yard to the back, there is snow. Deep, beautiful, difficult snow.

Looking out is lovely,no doubt.

The animals, both wild and domesticated, need to eat a lot to stay warm. The temperatures are in the negative numbers over night, and in the 20's during the day. Doing chores is more challenging this time of year, but they must be done just the same. Water must be hauled and kept thawed, food must be brought, and often.

The 4 foot fencing to keep the livestock in is merely a suggestion at this point. Thankfully the horse and goats are quite suggestible. They stay close to the shed and the hay and the bucket of warm water. They placidly gaze out across the snow, and I wonder if they are dreaming of greener, easier days.

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