Monday, February 2, 2015

More snow...

It began to snow around 7 AM. Light, fluffy snow, tiny flakes, and coming down fast. It's pretty for certain, but I am worried where we will put it all when the time for shoveling begins. We already have drifts as tall as I am.

I am certain that the animals are bored. The chickens and ducks are "cooped up" and look quite forlorn. I try to make things better by bringing them out treats to sample, and tossing hay into their houses for them to dig through and peck at.

Chanel has been out in the snow, and her whiskers are coated in frost. I keep the food coming and bring fistful's of treats when I go out, and they expect nothing less. It feels a bit like being mugged when the the three goats and one horse begin rifling through my pockets. If you hear giggles coming from the shed, that will be me.

Ziva does not want to be out for long, but makes a few lightning fast zoom-y trips where we have created pathways... then back to the loveseat or her bed by the wood stove. It is clear she knows how to blow off enough steam that she can enjoy the enforced down-time the storms bring us.

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