Saturday, July 4, 2015

Farm day...

I had a lovely day today. Nothing really scheduled and hours of perfect weather to putter and catch up in.
After morning chores the first order of the day was to move the broiler chicks and the layer chicks out to the pasture. This meant that Chris and I took up the electrified poultry netting we were using to make a temporary goat pasture, and moved it to where I wanted the chicks to be. After we got it all put up, we moved the hutch the chicks sleep in to their new space, and then carried food and water out there for them. Then it was time to try to catch the chicks. The broilers are round and ungainly, but surprisingly nimble when they don't choose to be caught. And they never choose to be caught. That being said, they were far easier to gather up than the little layer chicks were. Daughter Rachel and her boyfriend helped. It took a while, but we finally got them all rounded up. They happily explored their new space, eating grass and clover and chasing bugs.

The new little "Silky Palace" is snugged up in a corner of the back yard, looking sweet.

I put down some clean, bright shavings, and food and water containers, then tucked the girls in. They looked most approving of their new abode. One cocked her head at me and crooned, as if to say, "What took you so long?" I can't wait to see them explore the back yard tomorrow.

The goats are enjoying the deep grass in the meadow and the pretty weather, too. If I go to the pasture and call them, they run to me, gleefully.

Little Ramchop, my friends lamb, is growing on me. This FACE. It is adorable. He has a deep, resonant voice, calling, "Maa!" when he sees me, hoping I'll bring grain and treats.

I sat in the pasture for a bit, and the goats all gathered around me. They snuffled my face and huffed their warm breath in my ears. It smells like fresh mowed grass when they exhale, rather pleasant. But when the burp (and they often do) the smell is enough to curl my hair. They don't care. The press against me, leaning on me, clearly happy with my company. And I am happy with theirs.

Little Jane Doe is getting prettier every day. She is sleek and soft and sweet, and snuggles when she gets the chance. I'm glad we are keeping her. Her ears are a riot.

I'm not sure if it's my imagination or not, but Luna seems to be a bit better. She is still very thin, but she seems brighter and bossier and that makes me happy.

This Independence Day weekend is an anniversary of several major events in our lives. Chris and I met this weekend in '84, found out we were expecting our daughter this weekend in '88, moved to Memphis this weekend in '89, and then moved to Maine this weekend 12 years ago. I look back with such gratitude for all of those events, especially the one where I met Chris, who makes all of the happiest aspects of my life possible.

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