Thursday, July 2, 2015

Good to be me...

It has been said that if you desire something, you should, "put it out into the universe." I'm not sure about that, but something recently happened to me that makes me wonder.

Here is the story. Recently someone gave me 3 Silky chickens. Silkie's are utterly adorable. They are small, with blue skin, and lots of fluffy feathers that look like hair. They don't lay many eggs, and serve very little purpose besides being friendly and cute. I've always liked them, and was very excited by the gift. The birds settled in well, but the bigger chickens seem to frighten them a bit. I got the idea that they needed their very own "Silky Palace." I began the hunt for a small, attractive coop that would keep the birds safe and happy, and be decorative at the same time. I thought I could put the pleasant looking coop in the back yard, and pictured it with window boxes, a charming home to epically darling little fluffy birds.

I began to hunt for a coop that would fit the bill. There were rather cheaply made coops available for a bit under $300, and a very well built one for $500. I vacillated, I waffled. Spending that much money to house birds that were free seemed rather ridiculous. But every night when the little Silkie's didn't want to go inside the coop with the big birds, I felt awful.

Then one day while I was grooming a favorite cat, and chatting with his owner, she asked how my new fluffy chickens were doing. I explained my story, and told her I was getting ready to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a new house for them. She got a funny look on her face, and became quiet for a while.

I kept on working. After a little bit she said, "I only have one chicken left, and I have a very nice custom made coop. My chicken needs to be with other chickens. What if I give you my coop and you take my chicken to live at your house so she can be part of a flock?" I thought this was a BRILLIANT plan. We went and saw the coop. It was perfect. A nice size,super sturdy, custom built and very attractive. And the price? It was RIGHT!

But it wasn't light. And it was not positioned in such a way that loading it up to haul away would be easy. So I did what I must, and asked my pal Scott for help. Scott is one of THOSE guys. The kind of guy than can do anything, and make it look easy. I hate to ask him to help me do things, because he is so busy, but I really wanted this coop. He oh-so-kindly rose to occasion. After a long week of work, he loaded up all the things needed to move a heavy, awkwardly shaped object from point A to point B. My epically patient husband helped. He is always there when I need him. I am so lucky.

Scott had a 4 wheeler, a trailer, a truck and a whole cacophony of tools.

And in what seemed like a blink the deed was done. It delights me to see highly competent people work. To me it is poetry in motion. The sweet little coop was loaded up and snugly secured. Tomorrow Scott will deliver it to our house. And that will be a whole new post.

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