Friday, July 31, 2015


Late summer is when the millions of spiders that live on our property really show themselves. Especially the orb web spinning spiders. On a dewy morning the yard is festooned with their night time art work.

The flower gardens have passed the "new" stage and are in their glory.

I brought home the rooster for the Silkie hens. They were so excited to see him that they hooted like monkeys for a long time. It was most amusing. They are a happy foursome, pottering about and looking like creatures drawn by Disney artists.

I ordered 12 new layer chicks earlier this summer. This meant I had to do something with my existing flock... an aging group of lovely ladies that have slowed down egg production. I really didn't think it through well. I'm attached to those hens. I didn't want to put them in the pot. I didn't want to send them off to a home where they wouldn't be well cared for. Now the new chicks are 9 weeks old ready to move out of their "nursery" and into the coop, but that would make the coop way too crowded. I put an ad out on the local livestock Facebook page and, to my total surprise, was inundated with offers to take the girls off my hands and give them a nice retirement. A lovely lady came this evening and took them to her place. She said I could come visit them any time. They will have a large coop and room to roam. For the first time in 7 years my coop is devoid of birds. This weekend I will clean it out thoroughly and get it ready for the new flock. I am sad to have my old friends go, but am also excited to have a new flock to get to know. I'll post pictures of the new girls when they get settled into their new digs.

The hustle of spring and early summer is over, August will be a little less hectic here as far as farm chores go. Things change here at a rapid rate. I'm glad I keep this blog to look back at and remember.

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