Sunday, August 2, 2015

Fowl things...

The little coop for the Silkie chickens has had a bit of a face lift.

I tried to love its beautifully weathered wood, but I just kept thinking how nice it would look stained white! Our daughters boyfriend kindly offered to take on that project. He did a fabulous job. Today we attached the sweet little antique tool carrier "window box." The local Agway had all their plants on sale, super cheap. For $3.00 I was able to fill the little box with bright color. The Silkies love their new home. They only laid one egg between April and July, but since they moved to their new place I've had 5 eggs!

Other fowl around here are trouble. Those DUCKS! The first year I had them they stayed right in the large (almost 2 acres) fenced pasture. Then early this spring I brought home two little hen ducks from the animal auction. I only paid $5 for them and thought I had gotten the deal of the century. They'd been here about 2 minutes before they taught the original ducks how to scoot out the fence and explore the neighborhood. I cannot keep them confined, it is maddening. They traipse about like they own the road, and annoy passersby to no end. I will admit that they look charming lounging about in the front yard, but I do wish they would stay where they belong.

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