Sunday, August 23, 2015

Broader horizons...

A few years ago the property behind and beside us was sold to people that live out of state. I was a little heartsick, worried they'd build a house in the wild meadow behind our place. Instead they made a driveway into the woods down the road a bit and cleared some trees. After a lot of nagging from both my friend and my daughter I contacted the people and asked if they would consider letting us put up temporary fencing in the meadow so our hoof stock could graze there. To my delight, they happily agreed. Ever since then we've been trying to find a free afternoon to put fencing up, and add a gate to our existing fence for access. Today, finally, was the day.

Chris started off by putting 30 or so poles up for electric fence. I joined him and put the sunshine yellow insulators on the poles. Then we strung two strands of electric wire all around. Next, Chris brought out his weed wacker and trimmed all the high grass and weeds and vines from under the new fence. The goats knew something was up, and called to us, out there in the field. They watched with great curiosity as we worked in the hot sun.

Once the area was enclosed, we cut a wide opening in the existing wire fence. Luna goat, who had been napping in the shade all this time, walked purposefully up to where we were working. It was very clear that she knew something BIG was up. The moment the wire fence was open she stepped daintily into the new enclosure, and began to eat. The other goats were not so brave, grazing in the old pasture and keeping a sharp eye on Luna as she ranged into new territory. I brought Chanel, the horse, down. She carefully observed the new opening, and was wary. I led her through the gate and took the lead rope off. She snorted and tossed her head and trotted happily into unfamiliar territory. The sun glistened on her back, and she happily explored the wonders unveiled.

The other goats joined in, once they saw their friend and protector out in the tall, tall grass.

The goats are here, in this picture, but the grass is so high you can't even see them. It is a hoof stock smorgasbord!

Chanel did a good bit of running around in her exciting fresh pasture. I sipped a glass of chilled wine and enjoyed seeing my critters having a grand time.

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