Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Canned duck...

I stepped out front this morning and heard a little splashing sound. I looked around and there was one of my naughty brown ducks,out of the pasture, AGAIN! She was splashing about in a watering can I'd left in the driveway. Why this was more appealing than her wading pool, I do not know, but she spent a long time there, and seemed content.

First she'd dip her graceful head into the watering can. She'd bob up and down, then turn her head to wet the feathers on her back.

I had to stand and watch her a while... the entertainment at FairWind's knows no bounds.

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ssteinerX said...

We have two ducks and they'll dip into *any* standing water including, unfortunately, our pig's wallowing area. I think they just do it to make me re-fill their pool/pond.