Monday, August 10, 2015

Bird shots...

I have a little free time this morning so I took my camera out and plunked myself down on the chicken coop steps. The ducks were cleaning themselves up after a busy morning terrorizing the neighborhood.

After a nice splash they preen in the sun. The two naughty little brown hen ducks are beginning to moult. That means they lose their old, battered feathers and grow pretty, fresh, new ones. Their feathers were in hard shape when they arrived this spring, and I am anxious to see how they look when they have on their new "outfits." I suspect they will look much darker and more sleek.

Meanwhile the new layer chicks are busy, busy. They are excellent bug hunters, and are ranging all over the pasture dining on succulent greens and things that crawl or fly. They spot a bug and are off, running on their stout legs. I think they are going to be an excellent addition to the place.

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