Wednesday, August 19, 2015


One thing about living with animals... they are certainly unpredictable. This is not necessarily a bad thing, sometimes it means a hardy and delightful laugh is lurking unexpectedly.

This morning I was a little groggy when I stepped out to milk goats and do chores. The morning was damp and misty, and I moved slowly to take care of things, enjoying the scenery of misty meadow and a day painted in shades of silver gray.

I recently moved the milking stand outdoors. The real reason I did it was because my cousin was coming to visit and wanted to try her hand at milking, and the garage where I normally milk is an embarrassing mess. It is also hot in there this time of year, so I thought perhaps I could enjoy milking outside during these fine mid-August days. So far, the experiment has been a success, and it's nice to see yard while I milk instead of garage doors.

I filled the feed pan that attaches to the milking stand, and opened the gate from the pasture for Celeste. She was waiting there for me; such a good goat, and well versed in the rhythm and routine of our day. She hopped nimbly up on the stand, I hooked her in and sat down. Just at that instant the rising sun peeked out from behind the veil of mist that it had been behind, and I saw a large, orb spider web, glistening with dew, on the fence. The spider that spun it has left a web there each morning, but the light has not been cooperative and previous photo attempts have been a bust. I decided Celeste could entertain herself for a second or two while I tried to capture the wonder of wet web in morning light.

As I approached the fence, I realized that little Jane Doe was adorably posed just behind the web. If I could get to the correct vantage point in time, I could, perhaps, snap a shot of the web, in focus, with little Jane framed whimsically behind it. I hurried, but Jane saw me coming and trotted to meet me. I was disappointed, but moved in to take the photo of the web, sadly goat free.

And then this happened!

Ella, sporting her new pink bandanna, approached the fence. She saw me looking at the spider web, and focused her attention there as well.
And being a goat, she explored it with her mouth.

To my surprise, she seemed to find it rather tasty!

The unpredictability of my animals, it makes my day.

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