Saturday, November 5, 2016


Weekend days are often about critters.
On this lovely fall day we...
Trimmed all six of the goats hooves.  24 sharp, kicky feet.

Then we gave each of them a dose of Replimen, a vitamin and mineral supplement.
We have a visitor, too.
His name is Silas. He is a male Nubian goat.  He is here to have trysts with the three lady goats which I hope will all produce lovely kids next spring.  Two delightful young women brought him here.  They didn't leave empty handed.

Two of the baby bunnies went with them, cuddled up and kissed and looking quite content.  They are pretty irresistible. Those faces. Those FEET!

EVERYONE is interested in the newcomer.
Especially the ladies.

Here are some things about buck goats you may not know.  They enter a state of "rut" in the fall.  This means that they are ready to breed. Hormones run rampant, and become apparent in some interesting ways.  Bucks in rut do things that are surprising.  To make themselves more appealing to the ladies, they URINATE in their BEARDS.  The smell of a buck in rut is indescribable.  Up close and personal it can make your eyes water. (My husband equates breathing the air near a buck to being maced.) However, the ladies find him irresistible.

Goats have a 5 month gestation period.  With a little luck, we will have adorable kids on the ground in April.  And that will make for some wonderful blogging, don't you think?

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Sandra Perez said...

Yes I do! Love your farmlette stories!