Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Poodle power...

Flirt is my toy poodle.  I bought her for myself for a 50th birthday present. I wasn't in the market for a toy poodle, but had an overwhelming feeling that she was meant to be mine.  I am glad I listened to that flash of intuition, because she has been a gift that keeps on giving.  She has her flaws... her bark is reminiscent of a smoke detector.  She is prone to leaving "deposits" in the laundry room.  But her temperament? Unbeatable.  She loves people, and people love her.  She lives to give affection, and is never happier than when she is in someones arms.

Recently one of my customer/friends lost her beloved dog.  She sent me a text message that said, "I could use a hug from Flirt." Then she made an appointment for this afternoon to have her cat groomed, and sent another message that said, "I  need some Flirt loving, get her ready!" I had already planned ahead and had given Flirt a bath so she would be clean and sweet when she did her doggy therapy. While I groomed, Flirt and her admirer sat in a rocking chair.  There was a whole lot of cuddling going on.

Meanwhile, another friend called.  "Is there any way I could stop by and see Flirt for a few minutes?" She sounded sad.  15 minutes later she was at the door.  As always, Flirt was delighted to see her. She worked her sweet, loving magic, pressing her 9 pound body against my friends chest, and staring into her eyes.  Tears were shed and kisses given.  I'm not quite sure if hugging a little dog made my friend feel better, but I certainly hope it did.

It shouldn't surprise me that hugging a dog makes folks feel better when they are blue. I know being around animals makes me happy. Flirt takes comfort to the next level, it seems.  Not only does she bring joy to her own family, she spreads cheer to anyone that needs a little poodle love.

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