Sunday, October 30, 2016

And then my eyes leaked a little...

My sweet husband is a Navy veteran. He sometimes wears a ball cap with the name of the ship he served on. Rarely has anyone ever commented on his hat in my presence in the 32 years that  we have been married.  Until this past year.  Many times this year, people will glance at him and say, "Thank you for your service."  It gets me. Every. Single. Time. My dad was in the Army in WWII, my maternal grandfather a medic in WWI. Many family members and friends have served. I am forever grateful for their selflessness.

Today we popped into a store, and on the way out there was a veteran gathering donations for Toys for Tots.  My sweetie gave a cash donation and chatted with the man a moment.  As he turned to leave the man said, "You are a veteran, right?"  My husband said, "Oh  yes."  The man reached into his pocket and handed him something.

"What did he give you?" I asked, as we walked away. He reached in his pocked and handed me a scrap of fabric wrapped in a little plastic bag.

A white star, stitched on blue. There was a piece of paper behind it. I turned it over, curious.  It read, "I am part of our American Flag. I have been flown somewhere over this country.  I can no longer fly. The sun & winds have caused me to become tattered and torn. Please, carry me as a reminder you are not FORGOTTEN."

Today was a total waste of mascara.


El Dauncey said...

I had no other choice but to follow your example......Beauty often makes me cry.

Kim Kelly said...

oh my!!!! What a wonderful tribute to all of our veterans. My dad served on numerous ships, as did my brother, so Navy is in my blood. God Bless America and all who serve to protect her.