Thursday, October 6, 2016

Embracing ordinary...

My daughter often tells me things that make me think.  Today she told me about an article that she read which stated that people reading their friends and families social media posts may become depressed.  The article said that people tend to only post fabulous or horrible things on their social media. For example, they might post photos of their expensive, shiny new car OR write about how their transmission fell out while they were driving along.  Few post anything in between extremes. And reading about our peers highest highs can make us feel envy, while reading about their lowest lows can make us dip into despair.

I can see that this is true from my own experience on social media.  I never post about a very nice cup of tea I enjoyed, but I might post a photo of a fancy drink I had on an evening out.  I might share if my dog has explosive diarrhea all over the house, but not about the sweet snuggle he gave me.  All this posting of extremes can be misleading.

So here are some exceptionally average things that happened to me today.  I tried to make an omelette for Chris and failed. He ended up with scrambled eggs instead. I started work early to help out a customer so didn't have time to do dishes, and my kitchen was messy all day.
I had a nice smoothie for breakfast.  It was tasty, healthy and filling.
There were good dogs to groom all day. The phone rang with people wanting to make appointments. My friend popped over to visit unexpectedly.  My neighbor brought me 4 beautiful free pumpkins.
Another friend came by with her dog, and that dog and Bravo had a marvelous time running in the pasture. The quiche I made for supper turned out well, and Rachel baked a tasty squash.

Abraham, Bravo, Rachel and I went for a walk. A perfectly ordinary walk. The day was fair, and there were splashes of autumn leaves along the way.  We didn't go very far, but it was pleasant.

It was an ordinary day.  And I embraced it.  I guess that is key, really, embracing the ordinary.  From omelette disasters and messy kitchens to good meals and walks and pumpkins.  It's the inbetween stuff we should focus on.

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solarity said...

That's fascinating, because what I see in my Facebook feed is full of the ordinary: what people cooked, pictures of their dog or cat being cute (not extremely cute, just ordinarily cute) pictures of a new pet snake, of a sunrise or the moon, of flowers and trees, of their exercise class. Just the daily.

Mary Anne in Kentucky