Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Change of pace...

Most of my time is spent at home, and that is fine by me.  But sometimes it is nice to do something a little different.  Last week, while scrolling through the local high school's continuing education schedule, an interesting class caught my eye. It was a one night session, teaching participants how to make a simple wreath using burlap.  I thought an hour away from home doing something crafty sounded like a nice diversion.  Rachel hopped right on it and signed me up.

The class was quite full, with two ladies driving over an hour and a half to attend.   The teacher was  young and kind.

She had brought an array of materials for us to work with.
Using a metal wreath frame, a roll of burlap and some string to anchor it to the frame, we learned to fold and tuck and tie the fabric. In no time at all I had created a happy decoration for our door.

A little change of pace is a nice way to spice things up a bit.  Next month?  Sewing class!

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