Saturday, October 29, 2016


I have a real appreciation for good tools.  Mostly I like tools that are useful for multiple purposes.  For instance, my cast iron skillet. I can cook bacon and eggs, or pancakes, pineapple upside down cake, corn bread or even a bubbling casserole in it.  I use it almost every day.  But then there are odd, quirky tools that I could live without, and only use for one specific task, but am still glad to have.

This is one of those tools.  Most of the year it can be found, lonely and unloved, tucked way in the back of the bottom pantry shelf.  But during the fall it sees more frequent use.  It was a gift from sister Deb, who assured me I would adore it. She was right.

This whiz bang tool not only peels apples, but cores and slices them. It's fun to use, too.  Jab an apple onto the 4 sharp prongs, then simply twist the handle.
The fruit is forced through a disk which removes the core, while a little blade creates a long ribbon of peel. I think sheer magic is responsible for the perfect slices. In mere seconds the apple is ready to debut in a pie or crisp or crumble.

The chickens and rabbits will enjoy the peels and cores.  We will enjoy the fruits of the terrifically fun labor.

I could peel and slice and core with a simple knife, of course. But it would take much longer and wouldn't be nearly as delightful.  Good tools, I love 'em.

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