Saturday, October 8, 2016

October Saturday...

This caught my eye when I was doing chores this morning, and stopped me in my tracks.
The morning was shrouded in mist and dewy webs were everywhere.

Bravo and I went to puppy class, and had a fun time.  Afterwards Chris and I ran some errands, took birthday flowers to a friend, and had an excellent lunch out at Home Kitchen.  Lobster taco's... amazing.

We ended the day at Beth's farm stand, one of our favorite spots.  Not only do we love to buy food there, we just love to LOOK at the place. Everything is so beautifully arranged, fresh, bright and colorful. A feast for the eyes.

Yesterday we moved the rabbit family to a roomy new home.
The wee little bunnies are three weeks old now and had left their nest, and this gives them more room to move about.  Now that they are out and about I see that there are 10 of them.  Several in shades of gray, the rest white. All incredibly adorable.  I am smitten.

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