Saturday, August 12, 2017


I find myself, this summer, trying to make things beautiful. Here is the thing. I would like for our home and yard to be beautiful all the time.  But I often lack time, energy and incentive.  But now I have the wonderful motivation of our daughters upcoming wedding.

Soon after her March engagement, Rachel said, "I want to have a big Conner family party with a little wedding in the middle." So I am happily planning a party, and I am suddenly remembering many parties I threw for her when she was a kid.  For her 4th birthday party she said she wanted a, "purple party."  I created  home made purple play doh, had a zillion purple helium balloons, wrapped all her gifts in purple paper.  Her friends joined in the fun, wearing purple clothes and bringing purple presents.  Then there was a cowgirl party, (we panned for "gold" in the sand box, practiced roping a bouncy horse, and all the kids wore red bandannas and little western hats.)  For one party we bought a roll of bubble wrap the size of a Volkswagon and spread it out over the floor of our carport.  We let the kids jump on it. It made an impressive sound, and the children went wild.  It was so popular almost every party her school friends had that year featured the same delight.

It's been a while since I've thrown a bash like those, and I'm a bit out of practice. But I am having fun, catching up with doing things that need doing. We had the deck painted. And new back steps and a gate built.

And now we are working on the garage... and making big progress.  This delights me beyond measure.

My niece, who is good at many things, can also slap a paint brush like nobodies business. She painted our living room, front room and down stairs bath.  All jobs that have needed doing, and it feels so good to have them done.  I am grateful.

The gardens are looking very nice this year. Even the butterflies approve.

Summer seems to be flying past.  My business has been very busy, and I have not been swimming or out in my kayak even one time.  I will fix that in the coming weeks, because I can already feel the season changing. There was a nip in the air this evening as we ate supper in the back yard.

Summer is marching on, and I am , too.  Making things beautiful and getting ready for a party. Progress.

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