Sunday, August 6, 2017

The garage project, stage #1...

When we looked at this house for sale 14 + years ago, I was smitten by the garage.  Double wide, double deep, with a lovely attic.  When we moved in we put a great many bins of things we didn't need right away right up in that attic. And as the years passed, more things piled up.  It became a bit of a mess.  Today's project was to clean things up.

I neglected to take a "before" picture, but let me say that there were stacks of  totes, cardboard boxes, and even some things left by the previous owners. There were  books, and clothes, and a variety of decorative items strewn about.  It took two of us 1.5 hours, and three of us another 30 minutes to bring the attic to look like this:

We emptied abandoned bins full of useless power cords, old paperwork,unloved toys. We organized others.  And then we moved to the down stairs, which was SO much worse.  There will be pictures of that to come.  This project has been vexing me for a very long time, and I will be so tickled when things are all in order.  We discarded a pick up truck bed full of things we didn't need, a pile of things to be recycled, and 4 bins of items to donate.  I feel.. lighter.

It is funny to think that we spend years acquiring things, then years getting rid of them. I appreciate that as I get older I put less value on the "things" in my life, and more value on the people.  It is one of the gifts of aging.

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