Monday, June 29, 2009

Decorating spirit...

My home... (I love that word, home,) is my palette. Lately I've been feeling artistic and messing about, moving rooms, painting, hanging new curtains, and getting rid of items that I do not love or are not useful.
My mother loved nothing more than rearranging furniture, re-doing rooms, borrowing furniture or decorative items from one space to reinvent another space. Many of my favorite pieces of furniture and "stuff" came from my mom. I can feel her spirit as I shove sofas about, polish crystal and china, hang pictures.
Today, as I put the finishing touches on my living room, I went outside to cut some flowers for the table you see here. I peeked at the new rose bush I planted this season, not expecting it to have any blossoms yet. To my delight it was laden with blooms. Beautiful, heavily scented, yellow roses. My mothers favorite flower. The funny thing is that I planted a pink rose bush.
Thanks, Mom!

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