Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Amazing adventure!

I am just back from the kind of once in a lifetime adventure that makes one feel infused with joy.
Along with three other women, we trailered our horses to Acadia National Park. There we bedded our trusty steeds down in the comfortable Wildwood Stables. Acadia is known for having miles of carriage trails, put in by one of the Rockefellers.

Riding these trails, we were treated to up close views of the fall foliage that New England is famous for, granite outcroppings, ferns and lichens, babbling brooks and rushing streams. There were open meadows, and then sudden breathtaking views of the ocean and/or scenic ponds.

Chanel, my Halflinger mare, did beautifully... even kept up well with the larger horses and their much longer legs. The whole trip was a stretch for me, pushing me out of my "comfort zone," and making me try to new things and grow and change. And as I rode I was struck over and over with the realization of how truely blessed I am in all aspects of my life.

This was an experience that I will keep in that corner of my mind where the happiest of memories dance brightly in the shadows.

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solarity said...

Maybe I can lure both you and your horse down here someday. There are horse trails in the state park four miles from me!